The Jarrow Crusade

we did a case study on the Jarrow Crusade this is the handout i made for it

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The Jarrow Crusade
Took place in October 1936.
200 unemployed men from Jarrow, a ship
building town (near Newcastle) marched 300
miles to London.
They went to hand a petition to parliament to
bring work back to the town.
It was organised by Jarrow's labour MP Ellen
Wilkinson, mayor and council.
They were supported by churches, trade
unions and politicians.
Unemployment was at such an extent and causing
misery in the town
Rose to 77% male unemployment when Palmer's
shipyard closed in 1935
The attempt to set up a steel works failed due to
lack of government support.
When they got to London Baldwin refused to meet them.
Some of the marchers unemployment benefits were stopped as not being available for work
It raised awareness of the plight of Jarrow and other depressed towns
John Jarvis established a metal foundry in
Jarrow and by 1938 jobs had increased due to
a tube mill, a shipbreaking yard and an
engineering works
However, wasn't until the war that the increased
demand for ships made Jarrow's
unemployment disappear.


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