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Set-top box merges computer with Internet
­ MP3 player
­ TV programmes (view, record)
­ E-mail and fax
­ Interactive services (shopping, banking, voting)
­ Games
­ Etc…read more

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Teleworking involves working away from the
office using a computer and
telecommunications equipment to
communicate with the employer
Satellite links…read more

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Benefits of teleworking
It may be easier to concentrate on work in a quiet
environment at home than in a noisy office;
Workers save on commuting time and costs, with the
associated environmental benefits of keeping cars off the
Workers enjoy greater flexibility, and can arrange their
working hours around other commitments such as picking
children up from school;
Employers save on the costs of office space and overheads
such as heat and light;
People in different locations can work in a team;
People…read more

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The problems of teleworking
Management may fear difficulties in controlling a workforce
that is not in the office;
There is a problem in ensuring that remote staff understand
corporate goals and retain a sense of loyalty to the
Employees may feel isolated and miss the social
environment of an office full of colleagues;
Employees may find it difficult to work in teams, or to get
help when they need it;
Some teleworkers may find it difficult to separate home from
work, and find work…read more


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