The importance of the buffalo and the horse to the the plain indians

The importance of the buffalo and the horse to the the plain indians

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How important were the horse and the buffalo to the
plain Indians?
Horse and buffalo were both important to the plain Indians but is one more important? I will
look at the benefits for the horse and buffalo before I come to a conclusion on which is
better the horse or the buffalo, to the plain Indians.
The horse was a crucial key to the Indians success and power. The horse allowed them to
hunt the buffalo more easily, this is important because it allowed them to catch the buffalo
and therefore without them the horses, they would starve.
Horses showed the wealth of the Indian tribes, this meant that Indians wanted horses to
frighten and show of their power to other tribes. Like the crow tribe had 4000 people and
9500 horses. The horses were also used to transport tipees and people when the buffalo
herd runs so they could follow their food source. The horses were also used to trade with
the settlers for guns and weapons to defend themselves against, other tribes and white men.
They also painted their horses and used them for spiritual things. They painted their horses
just before they went into battle as a preparation, before hunting.
Buffalo were important to the plain Indians because the buffalo gave the tribe food, this was
important as without the buffalo they would starve, and wouldn't be healthy. The buffalo
also had lots of uses like, fat for soap and bladder for food bags. This is important as
without the buffalo the Indians wouldn't be able to have their way of life and their quality if
life. Without the buffalo the Indians would have no need to have the horses, as they would
not need, to follow the herds, and chase them, as there wouldn't be any buffalos. The plain
Indians believed that the buffalo and other animals had the same spirit as humans, and so
respected and treated them in a kind manner. Like they only killed how many buffalo they
needed, and did not hunt them to extinction. However the white settlers only hunted them for
their hides and hunted them to dangerous levels.
Indians thought both were important but I think that the horse was more important. I think
this as without the horse the buffalo couldn't be hunted, and without the buffalo not being
chased the Indians would have to go and look for another supply of food. However you
could argue that without t the buffalo the horse would not be needed, but I think it was as it
was used for spiritual reasons as well, and so was therefore very important to the plain
Indians, as they would not use them spiritually if they weren't important, as they did believe
that all animals had the same spirit.


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