The importance of religious experience

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The importance of religious experience
Experience and religion
Most philosophers would agree that the existence of a God cannot be
proved or demonstrated to others
Phenomena of religious experiences different as these have authority
to convince others that their religious beliefs are true
Is religious experience widespread?
Religious experience research unit was founded in 1969
31 % of British people and 35% of Americans have had what they call
a `religious experience'
Some last a few seconds whilst others can last longer
Experiences are said to be different to all the others
Generally give awareness that there is more reality than this physical
Can produce a change in both behaviour and attitudes
Mystical: used to describe experience of direct contact or oneness
with God or ultimate reality
Numinous: used to describe experiences of awe and wonder in the
presence of God
Corporate: used to describe religious experiences that happen to a
number of people at once in the same location


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