The Imperfect Tense in Spanish

An easy-to-understand explanation of the imperfect tense and its uses, including irregular verbs.

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The imperfect tense, e.g. I used to do, we used to go etc.
-ar verbs -er and ­ir verbs
Yo aba ía
Tú abas ías
Él/ella/usted aba ía
Nosotros abamos íamos
Vosotros abais íais
Ellos/ellas/ustedes aban ían
Irregular Verbs
ir ser ver
(to go) (to be) (to see)
Yo iba era veía
Tú ibas eras veías
Él/ella/ iba era veía
Nosotros íbamos éramos veíamos
Vosotros ibais erais veíais
Ellos/ellas/ iban eran veían
The imperfect tense can be tricky to understand, as it has several
meanings. The simplest one is "I used to do" but there are others:
What we were doing at a certain point in time
Describing in the past- what a person or place was like
Describing what something was like at the time


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