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The Impacts of Different Sea Defences 15.3.11

A sea wall is a large coastal defence, mainly made out of tough rocks and not easily
eroded materials like reinforced concrete or boulders or other long lasting
materials. They are constructed on the inland part of a coast to reduce the…

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Gabions are really effective in breaking up a wave's energy, and at the same time
preventing the wave from reaching inland. A gabion is a basket or a cage mainly
made of netting, which is then filled with medium sized stones. This defence is so
effective because the stones…

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Rock Armouring
Rock armouring is basically using piles of rocks to protect shorelines from erosion
and corrasion. Rock armouring or Riprap is mainly limestone or granite, which can
last a long time, as long as the water is not too acidic. The way they work is that they
absorb wave's…


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