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What impact did WWI (July 1914 ­ November 1918) have on Russia?

Conditions before WWI.

Good Bad

Form of constitutional leadership seemed to The Duma's power was limited.
be emerging.

Stolypin's reforms appeared to be effective Stolypin's reforms didn't benefit all the
with Kulaks becoming more successful. peasantry.

The economy…

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Bolshevik influence reduced as parties Peasants benefited from inflation.
began to contribute to national war effort.
Initially less opposition.

Largest army. Grain yield increased every year until 1916.

1916 Russian offensive killed / wounded
500,000 Austrian troops, bringing
Austria-Hungary to the point of collapse.


Initially all rallied to the…

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Deaths weakened Government revenue from 25% of the harvest
morale of the military. tariffs, railways and vodka brought to market in
Training of troops and fell. 1914, this fell to 15% in
officers deteriorated. 1917.
80% of foreign trade Refugee problems
prevented. from evacuation.
Bread queues and
strikes in Petrograd…


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