The Impact of World War 2 on Britain

Just a little essay about the effect of the Second World War on Britain and how the war 'helped' shape modern day society. I would actually advise listening to the MP3 because, although the narration is sometimes a bit weird, it is less boring than just reading through.

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Project ­ The Impact of World War 2 on Britain

World War 2 is heavily regarded as the worst war in the history of mankind; over 60 million
people are thought to have died. Battles were fought across the globe between the Ally and
Axis powers between 1939 and 1945.…

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2 days before Britain entered the Second World War, millions of children from towns and
cities across the UK were evacuated to safe areas, such as countryside or small villages.
Although Britain had not yet entered the war, they felt that it was an inevitable occurrence.
As predicted, Britain declared…

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resources instantly began to grow scarce across the UK. Food, oil and other vital supplies
were needed for soldiers and the army fighting in Europe and so the British people did not
have much left themselves. Merchant vessels were also under strain. German submarines
were destroying ships daily and more…

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promise that they would deal with poverty, illness and other social problems. The Beveridge
Report was born. The Beveridge Report was ordered by Winston Churchill and it consisted of
Sir William Beveridge analysing the extent of the poverty British people were living in. The
report identified: Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor…

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these children's lives were changed forever, as they returned to find that their parents had
been killed or had gone missing. The damage caused during World War 2 was utterly
catastrophic and there is still evidence of building destruction around to this day. Although
the war had unmentionable negative effects…


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