The Ideal Gas Equation

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The Ideal Gas Equation
The volume occupied by a gas depends on a number of factors:
The temperature: the hotter the gas, the faster the particles are moving and the more space they
will occupy
The pressure: the higher the pressure, the more compressed the gas will be and the less space it
will occupy
The amount of gas: the more gas particles there are, the more space they will occupy
The pressure, temperature, volume and amount of gas can be related by a simple equation known as
the ideal gas equation:
P is the pressure measured in pascals (Pa) V is the volume in m3
T is the absolute temperature, measured in Kelvin (K)
R is the molar gas constant and has a value of 8.31 Jmol-1K-1.
N is the number of moles of gas
Converting Units
Pa K
Kpa = x 1000 = Pa Degress = + 273 = K
Mpa = x 1000000 = Pa
dm(3) = /1000 = m(3)
cm(3) = /1000000 = m(3)


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