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The Hungarian Uprising
What was it?
How did it affect superpower relations?…read more

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Why did the Hungarian
Uprising take place?
In 1953, Stalin died, and was
succeeded by Nikita Khruschev
In his "secret speech" (which
was not so secret) Khruschev
criticised aspects of Stalin's rule
He told the people of Russia that
he would give them their
freedom back
People in the puppet
governments took this as an
opportunity to protest…read more

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First in Poland, and then in
Hungary, people took to the
streets to demand change.
They wanted democracy and
hated the fact that Stalin
controlled them.…read more

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In October 1956...
Imre Nagy (ex prime-minister of
Hungary) and the opposition
groups overthrew the hated
communist dictatorship…read more

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Trouble in Budapest
Khrushchev decided to
send Red Army forces
into Budapest ­
Hungary's capital
Red Army tanks rolled
into Budapest on the 4th
November 1956
Hungary was shocked
by this aggression…read more

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Hungarian Resistance
The AVH was the soviets secret police in
Hungary. The fighters were Hungarians,
but they took their orders from Moscow
Hungary's Freedom Fighters rebelled
against them, and were backed by the
Hungarian Army
Budapest became the scene of intense
street fighting between the freedom
fighters and AVH
7000 soviet troops were killed…read more

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