The Hitler File

this is a piece of work i did in class and it just briefly explains who Hitler was with the aim of helping people understand about him

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The Hitler file
Adolf's father, an Austrian civil servant called Alois Hitler, was 50 at the time of Adolf's birth and a harsh and unsympathetic father who Adolf did not get on
with. This meant that Adolf turned to his mother (Klara Polzl-Hitler, 20 years her husband's junior and his 3rd wife) for comfort and was very close to her. As a
child, his family was not close; his parents had an unhappy marriage and several of his siblings died very young. Adolf had a half-brother and half-sister (from
Alois 2nd marriage) and two brother and two sisters from his mother, however both his brothers and his elder sister died before they were 7. All the
remaining siblings outlived Adolf.
Young life
Adolf was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria on the 20th April 1889 (Despite being Austrian, he later became a German citizen). As a young child he disliked
school, being excellent at only a few skills. He enjoyed art and gym, but was not good at drawing portraits. He hated his teachers and did not take correction
well. In fact, he disliked school so much that he dropped out aged 16 and with no qualifications.
Adolf was an average build with dark hair and light blue eyes.
as a child Adolf was shy and lonely with no one wanting to be his friend because he thought of himself as a natural leader and expected to be obeyed. As he
rose to power he became ruthless and began to express his anti-Semitic views more.


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