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The La b ou r P a r t y
o li ti c a l P a rt y re la ti ng to Socialism
History of the P

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h e L a b o u r P a r t y
Roots of t
The labour party was a formation of the Trade Unions and socialist
groups, such as the Fabian Society
The party formed in 1900 and by 1906 had adopted the Labour party and
became the…

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1920's Governme

Labour first came into government in the 1920's under Ramsay
MAcDonald, in 1924 there were in government for a few months and in
1929 they lasted until 1931
Both were minority governments led by McDonald.During the 1924
government, Labour weren't even the biggest party in the House…

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G ov e r n m e n t
After the war, Labour won the 1945 election with a landslide majority.
The Prime Minister was Clement Attlee and they introduced many
socialist reforms, including:
Creation of the NHS in 1948, introduced a welfare state, nationalised 20%
of the economy,…

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Harold Wilson was PM for 2 govts between 1964-1970
(currency crisis in 1967) and 1974-1976 where he
resigned because of having a very small majority
Loss prominent features of this time but introduced
equal pay, pensions and further housing schemes.
1980's Labour - "longest suicide note in history" of…

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u r /T h i r d W ay
New Labo
Blair revised Clause VI, removing the socialist aspect of the constitution
about nationalisation, instead endorsing a more strict approach to the
welfare state.
Blair created a new democratic state, with less state reliance, devolution
and constitutional reform
Helped the…

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Po s t - N e w L a b ou r
Labour became more pragmatic and less attached to "New Labour"
principles under Brown, as he nationalised banks and some railways,
introducing high tax for incomes over £150,000 which was socialist and
distanced himself from Blair
Ed Miliband election…

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One nationism - "In one nation, in my faith, inequality matters. It matters to our country"
Steve Jenkins - "All Miliband's responses include state intervention - surely Labour's path to
post-Blair cannot be to pre-Blair.
Asked at a rally in Brighton 2013, "when are you going to bring back…


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