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L a b o u r P a r t y
Roots of t
The labour party was a formation of the Trade Unions and socialist
groups, such as the Fabian Society
The party formed in 1900 and by 1906 had adopted the Labour party and
became the second biggest political party in Britain due to WW1 and the
Liberal split
It was associated with the working class and aimed to improve rights and
working conditions for men.…read more

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Labour first came into government in the 1920's under Ramsay
MAcDonald, in 1924 there were in government for a few months and in
1929 they lasted until 1931
Both were minority governments led by McDonald.…read more

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G ov e r n m e n t
After the war, Labour won the 1945 election with a landslide majority.…read more

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Harold Wilson was PM for 2 govts between 1964-1970
(currency crisis in 1967) and 1974-1976 where he
resigned because of having a very small majority
Loss prominent features of this time but introduced
equal pay, pensions and further housing schemes.
1980's Labour - "longest suicide note in history" of the
1983 manifesto. Michael Foot, however, was seen as
"new hope for Britain" as they introduced minimum
wage, 5 year economic plans, improve workers rights
and increase public enterprise.…read more

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T h i r d W ay
New Labo
Blair revised Clause VI, removing the socialist aspect of the constitution
about nationalisation, instead endorsing a more strict approach to the
welfare state.…read more

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Po s t - N e w L a b ou r
Labour became more pragmatic and less attached to "New Labour"
principles under Brown, as he nationalised banks and some railways,
introducing high tax for incomes over £150,000 which was socialist and
distanced himself from Blair
Ed Miliband election as party leader, he declared that new labour was
"dead.…read more

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One nationism - "In one nation, in my faith, inequality matters. It matters to our country"
Steve Jenkins - "All Miliband's responses include state intervention - surely Labour's path to
post-Blair cannot be to pre-Blair.
Asked at a rally in Brighton 2013, "when are you going to bring back Socialism? Miliband
replied "That's what we are doing, sir"
Responsible Capitalism - means changing the way companies are run so that employees are
better treated and better paid.…read more


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