The height of consensus 1964

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The height of consensus 1964-79
All governments, whether they were Labour or conservative, followed almost identical
policies despite the odd fluctuation
Key reason for this was the growing economic and industrial policies setting Britain, to which
the governments had few answers but to follow the prevailing theory
Heath's gov briefly tried something new, but quickly reverted to type when the new policies
created newer and bigger problems
Liberalisation in social and personal affairs: 60s were famous for a more open and less strict
culture, this developed further in the 70s
Britain was the sick man of Europe by the 70s as the economy was ravaged by inflation,
strikes, unemployment, power cuts and rubbish piling up on the streets
Gov could not be completely blamed for this as since 1945 the gov had been dependent on
American lands, they have been in deficit, promise of increasing stands of living had not been
met, welfare had not improved enough and no gov had faced up to the underlying economic
All these problems increased Trade Union militancy


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