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Heart Structure
Arteries & Veins
Cardiac Cycle
Identifying Health Risks
Prevention & Treatment of CVD…read more

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Arteries ­
Every time the heart contracts, blood is forced into arteries & their
elastic wall stretch to accommodate the blood.
When the heart relaxes, the elasticity of the artery walls causes them
to recoil behind the blood, helping to push the blood forward.
The blood moves along the length of the artery as each section sin
series stretches to recoil in this way.…read more

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Veins ­
The heart has a less direct effect on the blood flow.
In the veins, blood flow is assisted by the contraction of skeletal
muscles during movement of limbs & breathing.
Backflow is prevented by valves within the veins
The steady flow without pulses of blood means that the blood is
under low pressure in veins…read more

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Phase 1: Atrial Systole
Phase 2: Ventricular Systole
Phase 3: Diastole…read more

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