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The Great Matter…read more

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Why did Henry want a
There were 3 reasons as to why Henry wanted an annulment from
Catherine Of Aragon.
1. Love / Lust for Anne Boleyn. He could not marry Anne whilst he
was married to Catherine.
2. Pragmatism. He had been married to Catherine for 18 years and
she was too old to provide Henry with a son and heir to the throne
that he desperately needed to strengthen the continuation of the
Tudor dynasty.
3. His own conscience. Many historians argue Henry was genuinely
concerned about the unlawful nature of his marriage in the eyes of
god. Believing he was being punished for marrying his dead
brothers wife. Supported by the leveticus.…read more

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Weakness of Leviticus
against Deuteronomy.
Cardinal Campeggio
Why did Henry fail to get England's fate in
an annulment? foreign affairs
The diplomatic
Pope clement VII
Catherine's stubbornness
+ Failure of Wolsey
Her supporters…read more

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The Diplomatic Situation
Catherine's nephew was Charles V, the king of Spain and the holy
roman emperor and held huge influence over Pope Clement VII as
a result of military superiority in the Hasburg-valois conflict. This
meant that it would have been unwise for clement to disgrace the
Habsburg empire by granting an annulment. Papal policy was
shaped by Charles.
By May 1527 the pope was held a virtual prisoner in imperial Italy.…read more

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England's fate in foreign affairs
In 1525 Wolsey and Henry ditched their long standing alliance with
the Holy Roman Emperor and Spain to ally with France after
Charles V refused to share his spoils of victory in the Battle of Pavia
with Henry.
This was the wrong decision in sight of the great matter.…read more

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Leviticus Argument was flawed.
The Leviticus stated "if a man shall take his brothers wife, it is an unclean
thing...they shall be childless" Henry believe this meant he should not
have been allowed to marry Catherine and it was unlawful because he
took his brothers wife.
This however meant that the pope would have to acknowledge that the
previous pope was wrong to allow their marriage in the first place as he
was the one who granted it legal. This was thought to have angered the
pope as it was seen to undermine him and his spiritual power.
It also contradicted with Deuteronomy which states "when brethren
dwell together and one of them deith without children the wife of the
deceased shall not marry another, but the brother shall take her" which
was a case Catherine used against Henry.
If Henry had found another argument it may have been easier to get an
annulment but die to his stubbornness he would not allow Wolsey to
pursue any other argument.…read more

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