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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

Chapter Seven
Gatsby stops his parties, replacing his servants to prevent any gossip about Daisy's visits
Nick, Gatsby and Jordan go for lunch at Tom and Daisy's. Tom sees that Daisy and Gatsby are
in love.
They all go to New York, Tom stops for petrol. Wilson…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP


o At lunch Daisy flirts with Gatsby openly, kissing him in front of Jordan and Nick. Daisy acts as if
she's in control, ordering Tom to "make us a cold drink". She inadvertently reveals to Tom
that she loves Gatsby, "You always look so…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

5) Both men try to claim Daisy as their own, without respecting her feelings. Tom says that she
"gets foolish ideas in her head and doesn't know what she's doing" and Gatsby dismisses her
opinion because "she's all excited now".
6) Fitzgerald stresses the importance of time…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

outside. The lighting associates Daisy with the illusion of romance, whereas Gatsby is bathed
in moonlight so that his pink suit is luminous, as he watches over her in a sacred `vigil'.
Through the pantry window, "a small rectangle of light", Nick sees Daisy and Tom and…


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