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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

Chapter Six
Nick explains that Gatsby is actually James Gatz from North Dakota who left home at a young
age to seek his fortune. Gatsby changed his name at seventeen when he met Dan Cody, a
self-made millionaire.
Tom is invited to one of Gatsby's parties and…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

beach is black .Nick thinks that the unpleasantness he feels may be either because he has grown used
to the glamour of because he is looking through Daisy's eyes, but it could be because he identifies
with Gatsby's humiliation and resents how he is being used by…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

position to the moribund East Egg. Daisy may not approve of the people of West Egg but she says
`At least they are more interesting than the people we know'.

As Tom and Daisy go, she looks up at the lighted top of the steps and Nick…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

physical senses, and insists upon the ultimate reality of an ideal world. Antidemocratic and opposed
to materialism, such a Platonic conception seems to be fundamentally out of step with modern
American priorities. Fitzgerald recognised, however, that despite rampant materialist values,
twentieth century Americans often clung to an…


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