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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

Chapter Three
Nick receives an invitation to one of Gatsby's famous parties and visits his neighbour's
mansion for the first time
Nick spends the evening with Jordan Baker trying to find the host of the party, Jay Gatsby,
but they just hear a lot of wild gossip…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

4) Gatsby's lifestyle is an obvious example of `conspicuous consumption'. This extends to both
of his cars, which stand out from the majority of vehicles on the streets.
5) Henry Ford pioneered motor manufacture in the USA, and promoted his automobiles as
symbols of democracy. Ford cars…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

2) The party scene seems to increase in pace as the evening progresses, and Nick's perspective
changes as well - initially Nick sees everything from far away and it seems romantic and
poetic: "floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside, until the air is alive with…

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Rhiannon Edwards C6AP

16) In New York Nick suffers from a "haunting loneliness". He imagines entering the lives of
"romantic women" but never acts on his desires. There's a contrast between Nick's dinner,
the "gloomiest event" of his day, and the "gaiety" and "intimate excitement" of others - Nick


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