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Governments attempt to deal with 1931-39 depression

Chose to go with Snowden's proposals which he suggested to the House of
Commons 10th -11th of September. Meaning that the government's aim was to
make a balance budget by limiting government expenditure.
Range of economic policies addressing finical problems, trade and industry.…

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Help Agriculture -Set marketing boards for milk, Provided some security for Less help for Arable
bacon and potatoes- set prices agriculture farmers and Farmers
for farmers of 10 shillings per protected them from
hundredweight. foreign imports.
Productivity rose
15%between 1931-1937

Unemployment -Unemployment Act 1934 Unpopular with the
set up a…

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- Rising consumer demands= expansion of home market= Government offset
cuts. For example electricity consumption doubled also demand for wireless
sets/ transport/ cinema/ dance halls
- New methods of production like assembly lines= goods made cheaper. For
example the price of motor cars fell in 30's. A small family car…


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