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How to draw a golden spiral and golden rectangle
Constructing a golden rectangle
1. Draw a square.
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Extend two parallel sides.
3. Draw a line from the midpoint of one side of the square to the opposite
4. Using the line you just drew as a radius, draw an arc between the
twoparallel lines.
5. Draw a perpendicular line from between the parallel lines from the
intersection of the arc on the bottom line.
6. You now have a golden rectangle.…read more

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By Aranjeet Paul…read more

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Constructing a golden spiral
1. Begin by drawing a golden rectangle
2. Draw an arc from one corner of the square up or down until it meets the
joining or adjacent side:
3. Next draw another square joining the first. Draw an arc across this square too.
4. Repeat the process to form the next square ... and so on.
5.…read more


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