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Access to Justice Act 1999 and the fusion debate

o Although the Courts and Legal Service Act 1990 paved the way
for solicitors in private practice to gain higher audience rights,
approval procedures were convoluted and slow. Applications were
taking several years to process because of complex "hurdles" and

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The CPS had to employ private barristers in Chambers to conduct
the rest of the case. Now that CPS lawyers also have audience
rights there are an increasing number of advocate prosecutors!
This means that (when trained) they can conduct their own
prosecutions in the crown court. This amounts to…

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sent by the solicitor, together with an explanation of the case. This
involves unnecessary repetition of work. If one person handled the
case from beginning to end this would not be needed.

o It would also prevent communication problems. The system would
be more efficient. The need to send papers…


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