The First Five year plan- Russian history AS Edexcel

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The First Five year plan- oct 1928- dec 1932
Heavy industry at the expense of consumer goods(textiles & foods)
Economy grew 14% per year
Such a success ended a year early
Education reformed
Tremendous social mobility
Iron production increased by 2 mill tonnes between 1913 to 1932
Steel production increased by 1.9 mill tonnes between 1913-32
Coal production increased by 35.2 mil tonnes between 1913- 32
Oil production increased by 12.2 mill tonnes between 1913-32
Living and working conditions
Improving them was never part of the plan
Workers sustained by rations
Diets were poorer than under the NEP
7 day working week
Harsh labour discipline
Lateness= criminal offence
Strikes outlawed
Chaotic economy
Struggle to meet targets
Quality of goods produced = poor= practically useless- never used & allowed to decay
Official targets never met
Local administers lied about amount of raw materials they had proved
Plan: create steel works & entire city from scratch
Stark contrast between vision & reality
Few houses built for workers
Hard conditions- most workers left after 72 days
Slave labour of political prisoners
Ideal community never constructed
Iron- 8 m , 1931 ­ 6.2 mill
Steel- 8.3 m, 1932- 5.9 mill
Coal- 68m, 1932 -64 m

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