The First Five Year Plan

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First 5 year plans
October 1928 ­ December 1932
Ideological ­ Russia `100 years behind'. Thought
revolution would serve working class.
Political ­ wanted better reputation than Lenin.
Needed to defend self in war.
Economic ­ response to NEP's failure to industrialise.
Very behind Germany.
Targets by Gosplan
1932 Stalin revised targets ­ unrealistic
Heavy industry i.e coal, steel, oil. `Basic,
decisive branches of industry'.
Prized mental and physical strength
Mass production of raw materials
Unskilled peasants = poor with consumer
goods but could produce large amounts of raw
Laying foundations for rearmament for war.
Best and worst of plan
Largest steel factory
Fewer houses built than promised
Harsh conditions
BUT 40,000 prison workers + volunteers = major
industrial centre.

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Ended a year early
Increased economy by 14% each year
Urban population grew 3x larger
Far more successful than NEP
Education more accessible, especially universities
Working class promotions
Did not meet targets, but fraud meant Stalin could
claim that he had
Managers feared execution so made up figures
No quality control
Rations = poor diet
7 day working week
No consumer goods
Harsh working conditions and punishments for being
late caused absenteeism, counterproductive.
Black market created because free market was
abolished.…read more


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