The Farmers Bride Language Analysis - AQA Relationships Cluster

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Language ­ The Farmer's Bride
Point Evidence Analysis
- Seasonal Imagery & Verb - `Three summers since I chose a - Summer: warmth, happiness,
maid' marriage.
- `Too young maybe' - I chose: she didn't have anything to
do with it, she is his possession.
Marriage is male-dominated; for love,
or for labour?
- Too young: part of breakdown.
- Seasonal Imagery - `At harvest-time than bide and - Harvest: busiest time of year. Has so
woo.' much to do, doesn't have time to
`woo'. She's a commodity? ­ she is for
children, or an extra pair of hands.
- Colloquial Language - `When us was wed she turned - Creates personality of the farmer in
afraid/Of love and me and all his rural environment ­ lack of
things human;' education.
- She only became afraid after
marrying, of everything.
- Simile - `Like the shut of a winter's -Shows how sudden this change in her
day/Her smile went out' emotions was, the winter days
suddenly get dark.
- Winter: sadness, cold, cold-hearted.
- Simile + Alliteration - `More like a little frightened fay' - Naïve and innocent. -Dehumanised,
not matured.
- Seasonal Imagery - `One night, in the Fall, she runned - Autumn: leaves dying, decay.
away.' - Relationship is decaying.
- Metaphor - `Out `mong the sheep, her be,' - Part of the livestock, shows
they said, Should have properly treatment of women in this era.
been abed' - Pronoun `they': who? She's the talk of
the town.
- Verb: `Should' have been sleeping
with her husband - that is her duty.
- `Lying awake with her wide - She cannot fall asleep, wide brown
brown stare' stare seems animalistic, like a cow.
- Hunting Imagery - `We chased her, flying like a - Suggests her terror. We: who? the
hare' other villagers, like a lost sheep.
- Likened to fearful animals, he wants
to tame her. Predator/prey.
- `All in a shiver and a scare/We - We: the whole village is involved,
caught her, fetched her home at everyone thinks she is abnormal.
last/ And turned the key upon her, - Shiver and scare, shows physically,
fast.' like an animal.
- Sinister, she's locked up, like in an
asylum ­ treatment of mentally
- Simile - `like a mouse' - Can't get close to the mouse.
- Small, innocent, easily scared away.
- Afraid to speak (squeak), he's got
control (trap).
- Animalistic Imagery - `chat and play/With birds and - Near silent and only speaks to
rabbits' animals, withdrawn and depressed.
- Hear her thoughts - `Not near, not near! her eyes - Hear her thoughts pleading for men
beseech' to keep away.
- Putting words into her mouth.

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Jealousy - `beasts in stall/Look round like - She cares for the animals more than
children at her call' him ­ he's jealous of them.
- Beasts: negative word.
- Ambiguity - `I've hardly heard her speak at - Mad? following her heart.
all' - Women don't have a voice in society/
- Sibilance - `Shy as a leveret, swift as - Emphasises link with nature.…read more


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