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The Falling Leaves
By Margaret Postgate Cole…read more

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· The reflection on the huge loss of life in WW1 from a female
perspective…read more

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· Tightly structured
· 12 lines of alternate lengths
· Written in one sentence…read more

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Form Explanation:
· The regular structure of alternate lines offers a contrast in the poem-. The
longer and shorter lines could perhaps signify those fighting in the war with
those that are left behind. Soldiers fighting in the war have their lives cut
short or disrupted by conflict
· Writing the poem in one sentences shows it is one single thought- a reflection
of the may lives lost in the war. Beginning the poem with `Today' underlines
how the poem is focused in the present and at the time it was written, many
lives were being lost in the war
· The first half of the poem is a more gentle reflection of the falling leaves
however the second half shows more anger- specifically references to dying
soldiers…read more

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· `Today, as I rode by'
· `Dropping' `Whistling' `Wiping' `Withering' `Falling'
· Use of first person
· Frequent use of present participle verbs (`ing' words)…read more

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