The fall of Edessa

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The fall of Edessa
How did Zenghi increase his power in the 1120s and Why did Edessa fall in 1144?
1130s? Firstly, there was always a geographical problem
Zengi revived the idea of external Jihad, after a 20 Another problem with the geographical terms of
year battle. Edessa is human geography
He had conquered Aleppo in 1128 and Mosul, which Edessa was also isolated and under threat from the
are in the North of Syria Muslims for a long time
Half of a country was controlled by one person There was a shortterm power struggle and vacuum
Edessa was under threat and isolated for an when Fulk died in 1143
extremely long time Left his wife, Melisende and his 13 year old son,
one person enemy ruled half of one country Baldwin III in charge
blocked the route for relief to come easily Some people also consider that Jerusalem was weak
Raymond of Antioch and the Byzantine Empire
refused to help Edessa if they were in need
When Zengi attacked Jocelin II was absent from the
He had taken the majority of his men with him,
leaving only a few garrisons to guard the city while
he was gone
because the County of Edessa is so isolated and
with the least amount of the population living in it
the relief dispatch took about 4 weeks to get to
How did the west react?
They were furious

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The fall of Edessa
Pope Eugenius called up a 2nd
He issued a papal bull named
King Louis of France, Conrad+knights took up cross…read more


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