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The energy mix
Energy security…read more

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Energy- classification and costs
There are many different sources of energy which
can be classified as:
- Non-renewable (finite: e.g. Oil and gas- their
exploitation and use will eventually lead to their
- Renewable (e.g. Solar, wind and wave power-
flows of nature which are continuous and can be
constantly re-used.)
- Recyclable (e.g. Reprocessed uranium and
plutonium from nuclear power plants, and heat
recovery system)…read more

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· Produced by deep or opencast
mining, creates
environmental damage.
· Burning it releases
greenhouse gases, which
contribute to global warming.
· Heavy and bulky to transport,
which creates further
greenhouse gas emissions.…read more

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Oil and natural gas
· New fields are often in
environmentally sensitive
areas such as the Arctic.
· Their terminals and
refineries take up large
areas of land
· Danger of oil spills and gas
· Burning them releases
greenhouse gases.…read more

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Nuclear energy
· Safety is a major issue
· E.g. A major explosion at
Chernobyl in the Ukraine
spread radiation across
Europe in 1986.
· Nuclear waste remains
radioactive for many
thousands of years and is
difficult to process and
store.…read more

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Hydro-electric power
· Require large areas of
useful land to be flooded
behind their dams
· The large amounts of
vegetation frowned by
new lakes decays and
releases methane and
· Danger of dam collapse;
Sichuan in China…read more

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