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Repentance and Forgiveness
The PARABLE of the sheep and the goats teaches Christians that humans will be judged and then punished or rewarded eternally.
Christians do not believe that they will be sent to eternal punishment if they fail to do right all the time.
Through their CONFESSION and repentance God removes their wrongdoing so they can no longer be found guilty.
Funeral Rites
A funeral marks the close of a human life on earth but for Christians it also serves a reminder of the hope of an afterlife with God.
A Christian funeral service thanks God for the dead person's life on earth, celebrating it as an act of love.
The mourners might benefit from attending the funeral service in several ways:
It is an acknowledgement that the person is no longer part of this world
They can draw comfort from other mourners
They might feel happiness as the dead person's life is celebrated
It is an opportunity to express publicly their love of admiration for the deceased
It mark the beginning of life without the deceased
God as Judge
God is the ULTIMATE JUDGE of all humankind. God will judge people according to both their faith to him and their actions.
Christians believe God to be the perfect judge, possessing all the qualities required to make the right judgement.
The End of Life

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A Christian Funeral Service
Bible Reading ­ focuses on the prospect of eternal life with God after death.
Eulogy ­ this is a talk or speech in which the person's life is remembered and their achievements are acknowledged.
The minister reminds the CONGREGATION of the Christian beliefs about life and death.
Prayers ­ ask God to support friends and relatives of the deceased in their time of grief. In a Catholic service prayers will also be said for the dead person.…read more

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