The effects of resource extraction from tropical rainforests

The effect of resources extraction from tropical rainforests, 6 different countries and how they are effected.

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The effects of resources extractions from tropical rainforests and their management
Oil Extraction in Ecuador
Miscarriages are common and stomach cancer is five times more frequent in the Oriente region
because of hydrocarbons in the river water. Many plants, such as the periwinkle which is used to cure
childhood leukaemia, are becoming extinct.
Mining in Brazil
The Carajas iron ore uses wood to power the plant. This results in annual deforestation of 6100 km .
The river Tapajos is contaminated with mercury used when gold is mined, affecting 90% of all fish
caught. This leads to high levels of cancer to the local people.
Mining in Indonesia
285,000 tonnes of mining waste are dumped into the River Aghawaghon every day. This pollutes fish
and means there is a shortage of water for local people. Crocodiles in the area of Teluk Etna are
currently on the brink of extinction.
Gas pipeline in Peru
Local people are exposed to diseases that they are not immune to. During the 1800s half of the
Nahua died from influenza and whooping cough.
Main roads have been built through the forest in the Camisea region allowing settlers into the area
who then cut down the forest to farm.
Logging in the Cameroon
Roads built by the logging companies have opened up the forest to hunters. This had led to elephants
and chimpanzees being killed and their meat being sold for high prices at restaurants.
The local Baka people work in the sawmills without any protective clothing. This then leads to them
breathing in the toxic products which are used to treat wood.


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