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Hannah Warwick

The Effects of Day Care on Children's Social Development

The implications of day care on childrens social development,
including the effects on aggression and peer relations
The implications of research into attachment and day care for child
care practices

My Views on Day Care

I believe that putting…

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Hannah Warwick

The Effects of Day Care on Children's Social Development

Social development involves the growth of childrens abilities to interact
with others and behave in a positive social manner, such as comforting,
helping and sharing.

Effects of Day Care on Aggression
Sammons et al (2003) found that there is…

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Hannah Warwick

Baker et al (2005) analyzed 33,000 children of
two-parent families and found that post-
universal day care, aggression among 2 to 4
year olds rose by 24% in Quebec compared to
1% in Canada. The parents' wellbeing also
declined as well as a greater incidence of
hostile parenting…

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Hannah Warwick

time children reached 12. The study suggests that there are
more important issues than the working mother when
dealing with raising children. The issues include the quality of
the parent-child relationship and the quality of the day care.

The strengths of this study are that there was a…

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Hannah Warwick

The weakness of this study is that there was a small sample of
children used however it was a longitudinal study.
Longitudinal studies are often more reliable because they
test the children over a long period of time giving more valid
results however it also means there could…

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Hannah Warwick

remained unchanged. The results show that a modest
intervention programme directed at improving care giving
practices can improve attachment security of children in day

The Effects of Day Care on Children's Social Development

Having reviewed the research into day care I would
advise a friend or relative…


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