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The Domestic Division of Labour…read more

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Refers to the roles that men
Women play in relation to
housework, childcare and paid
work.…read more

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Talcott Parsons (functionalist)
· The husband has an instrumental
role, geared towards achieving
success at work so that we can
provide finically for his family. The
· The wife has an expressive role
geared towards primary socialisation
of the children and meeting the
family's emotional needs.…read more

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instrumental role
Expressive role…read more

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Elizabeth Bott
Two types of conjugal roles, roles
within marriage:
Segregated roles- where the couple
have separate roles: a male
and a female homemaker/carer. Their
leisure activities are separate.
Joint conjugal roles- where the couple
share tasks as housework an childcare
and spend their leisure time together.…read more

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Young and Willmott
Found a pattern of segregated
roles in their study of working class
extended families in east London. Men
worked then spent leisure time at pubs
and with other males. Where as, the
women were fulltime housewives and
the limited leisure time was spent with
female-kin.…read more

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