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Discriminant…read more

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What is the DISCIMINANT?
The discriminant comes from the quadratic
It is the part under the square root sign
Known as D…read more

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There are 3 possibilities:
The equation can have three different
TWO REAL ROOTS-cuts the x-axis in two places
ONE REAL ROOT-cuts the x-axis in one place
NO REAL ROOTS-does not cut the x-axis
Now we can look at each of these outcomes
in turn…read more

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With two real roots D>0
In other words b²-4ac>0
Two real roots means the equation:
ax²+bx+c=0 has two solutions
(x1,0)and (x2,0)
The graph cuts the x-axis twice…read more

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Example of two real roots:
The graph of y=4x2 -2x-1 has two real roots
Proven by:
b2 -4ac
(-2)2 ­(4x4x1)=20
20>0 = two real roots…read more

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NO REAL ROOTS…read more

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