The Different Types of Conscience

There are many different ways conscience can be viewed, these are some of the main points. If this helps anyone I am more than willing to upload different powerpoints based on different topics from AS through to A2. Just ask.

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The Different
Types of
Conscience…read more

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God Given
Does God give it to us at conception?
Is our conscience received when
ensoulment occurs? (Links with
Aquinas' belief that ensoulment
occurs 14 days into gestation).
Our conscience is given to us in order
to help us understand what is right
and what is wrong.…read more

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Is our conscience a result of an
model of authority?
Do we gain an understanding of
right and wrong from those in
Parents, teachers, religious
ministers, Politicians?…read more

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Hegel- Zeitgeist- Spirit of the age,
different now to 20 years ago.
Conscience reflects the values of
the society we live in.
A product of society's
expectations.…read more

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Culture, environment, education.
Is it innate?
Or a genetic predisposition? Are
we determined to be kind and
loving or evil and cold?
What about the unconscious
Is it a part of the person or the
If it's innate do we all have the
same conscience?…read more

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A product of our first moral
Reasoned decisions reinforced by
your upbringing and early
One example would be Mary Bell,
she was abused as a four year old
girl and then murdered two boys
at the age of 10.…read more


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