The Difference between Word and Publisher.

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Difference between Word Processing and Desktop Publishing.
By Stuart Davidson.
Word processing and desktop publishing are similar in some ways,
they both can have text used which can also be formatted, Font
Sizes, the colours and bold, italics etc.
The Main difference is that a Desktop Publisher document has
easier layout features, and so they are easier to layout a Newspaper
or magazine for example the text may be in more than one place,
when a new Word processor document is opened you see the blank
screen and you type normally without any frame or certain path.
On a Desktop publisher document you would normally select a
template at the beginning and from there begin typing, or you
could start and add a text box to begin typing, you cannot however
begin to type in without any text box.
In both word processing (for example Microsoft Word) and also a
Desktop Publishing (for example Microsoft Publisher) you can
import many different things such as Clip art, Photos, WordArt,
Tables. Both Publisher and Word have all of those features and
many more.


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