The Diary of Eva Smith/ Daisy Renton

Hello, I wrote the diary of Eva, the 'sort of diary' in which Inspector Goole is able to piece together Eva's life. It help me a lot understand the story, so I hope it helps whoever wants to use it. When it was assessed it got an A* at GCSE, so it is very accurate. :) 

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September 1910
Work wasn't very good today, and I won't be going back there, ever again. I was sacked by Mr
Birling for the reason that I and a few other employees were `causing too much trouble for the
business. How am I supposed to live, I mean it was hard enough surviving on my earning's at
Birling's, 22/6 we were getting. All we did was ask for a rise to 25 shillings a week, he is so
cruel, he doesn't care about the working class as long as he can go home to a delightful meal
in his grand house, where as we have to go back to dumps of virtually nothing. It isn't as if I
even have any savings to help me, since the summer holiday has just passed. What can I
do? I don't want to have to beg, or do what some girls do, but I fear I may have to, if I don't find
work soon. I wish I could start again.
December 1910
My luck has turned quite completely today, I got the job at Milwards. I could hardly believe it,
well I still cannot. It is such an upper class shop it is high class, as are the rich who shop
there. Can you imagine being around such beautiful dresses every day? It is such a fantastic
place to work honestly I am startled that I ever got the job. It is so delightful it is like a fresh
start. I can sort out my life, start again, and now I can really make something of myself. I am
so lucky.
January/ February 1911
I haven't even been working at Milwards two moths yet, and already the most dreadful thing
has just happened. I was sacked for no fair reason at all! They admitted the people at
Milwards, that there was nothing wrong with my work, they said I was a good worker. I could
almost be certain that it was a young woman who got me sacked, Birling... Sheila Birling. You
see, she went to Milwards to try on a dress, and her Mother even told her that the dress
wasn't her style, and it didn't suit her at all. All I did was smile, I didn't say anything to her or
anything. How am I going to live now? I have hardly any money, I'll need to find work pretty
soon, but the question is where? Where will I go, what will I do? Why does every good thing
have to turn out a mess?
March 1911
I went to the Palace bar today, I needed some money from somewhere I needed desperately
a job, even if it had to be in that awful place. The place was full of drunk men who only cared
about themselves. There was one drunk man, a magistrate I believe he was, who just
wouldn't leave me alone, I was even starting to get scared of him, before one kind gentlemen,
Gerald, got rid of him for me, and took me away from that dreadful place. You wouldn't
believe how thankful I was. He took me to a hotel, the county hotel, he bought me drink
whilst he asked me about myself, and then he ordered me some food. But as grateful as I
was, I didn't tell him my real name, instead I named myself Daisy Renton.

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April 1911
Me and Gerald met again today. He realised that I had a very little amount of money, so
knowing that he insisted that I stay at his friends flat until I got myself going again. I am so
happy with Gerald, I feel safe, and because we have seen each other so much, we are now
more than just friends.…read more

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If anywhere could have helped then it would have been here, otherwise I wouldn't have
know what to do. I have no money left, nowhere to go. However, I called myself at first Mrs
Birling for some reason. But when the woman asked me my name, I had no idea what to say.
Should I make one, tell the truth? Eva Smith, Daisy Renton... Or a new me? I couldn't have
told her the whole truth, exactly who I was and why I was there.…read more


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