The Diary of Eva Smith/ Daisy Renton

Hello, I wrote the diary of Eva, the 'sort of diary' in which Inspector Goole is able to piece together Eva's life. It help me a lot understand the story, so I hope it helps whoever wants to use it. When it was assessed it got an A* at GCSE, so it is very accurate. :) 

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September 1910

Work wasn't very good today, and I won't be going back there, ever again. I was sacked by Mr
Birling for the reason that I and a few other employees were `causing too much trouble for the
business. How am I supposed to live, I mean it was…

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April 1911

Me and Gerald met again today. He realised that I had a very little amount of money, so
knowing that he insisted that I stay at his friends flat until I got myself going again. I am so
happy with Gerald, I feel safe, and because we have…

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would. If anywhere could have helped then it would have been here, otherwise I wouldn't have
know what to do. I have no money left, nowhere to go. However, I called myself at first Mrs
Birling for some reason. But when the woman asked me my name, I had no…




Good succinct timeline. Thank you!



this source was reliable. thank you

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