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The Development Gap
Traditional ways of dividing the world
First, second, third, fourth world. From western point of view, first wealthy, fourth
least wealthy, possibly declining
North/ South divide ­ Brant line, based on GNP per Capita, North wealthier
Five-fold division- 1. Rich industrialising (most developed countries) Northern

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Standard of Living and Quality of life
As country develops both increase
Standard of living is material wealth like income and whether own a car
Quality of life includes standard of living and other things which are hard to measure
such as how safe they are and how nice the…

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Health systems
World trade unfair

Hurricane Mitch
Maximum sustained winds of 180mph
Formed in western Caribbean sea Oct 22
Category 5 hurricane
Dropped lots of rain as it was very slow motion
Affected Nicaragua and Honduras most

Nicaragua Honduras
Short term impacts 3000 people killed 7000 people killed

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Change for the better in terms of social and economic development without reduction in
biodiversity other resources in order for development to take place in the future

Drop the debt ­ campaign to as G8 countries to cancel debt of LEDCs (previously paying
interest, LEDCs have more money available to…

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Began in 1957
Based on 4 main ideas ­Free movement of People/Goods/Services/Capital
Made up of 27 countries
Originally focussed on trade and economics ­ grew to include other areas of
All countries improve conditions and trade is very easy between members
To join have to prove understand EU principles…

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had a standard price and could plan for future. They also set up quotas to control the
supply ( restriction on how much can sell), and tariffs to control the price
The turned out to increase the agricultural productivity
The EU then introduced subsidies to stop farmers producing excess food…


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