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Development gap…read more

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Dividing up the world
Measuring development
Physical, human etc factors for
Ways of reducing inequalities
Development projects
Development in the EU
Topics…read more

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Lots of different ways
North-south line Nice and easy...bit too
1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th world Too much variety in
countries the world
LEDCs, MEDCs and NICs Only economic,
variation within
5 fold division (rich countries
industrialising, oil-
exporting, newly Still not neat
industrialised, former categories for every
centrally planned country
economies, heavily
indebted poor)
Dividing up the world…read more

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GNI (gross national income) + GNP (gross
national product ­ purely economic,
standard of living
HDI (human development index) ­ life
expectancy at birth, level of education,
amount you can buy with your income,
quality of life
PQLI (physical quality of life index) ­
literacy rate, life expectancy, infant
mortality, quality of life
Measuring development…read more

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Physical ­ hotter = Environmental ­
disease spread, bad hopelessness and no
climate = less crops, alternative,
land locked = hard to governments have
trade, natural better things to care
disasters about, destroy
Social factors ­ bad natural resources
water quality/supply, Political ­ corrupt,
poor education, poor greedy governments
health care make matters worse,
Economic ­ vicious foreign investors
circle, tariffs, primary avoid country
goods only, world
trade unfair
Factors causing inequality…read more

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Impacts ­ 90% houses damaged/destroyed, 10
% pop homeless, infrastructure, agriculture,
hotels etc destroyed
Short term ­ lack of water, food etc
Long term ­ loss of agriculture, tourism,
infrastructure, homes
Individuals ­ no insurance to help rebuild,
nutmeg trees take decades to grow
Debt from borrowing builds up
Multilateral and NGO aid, top-down
(infrastructure), bottom-up (establish farming -
stabilise food prices, make houses hurricane
proof, train builders in new techniques ­
appropriate and sustainable)
Now doing pretty good, high HDI
Grenada (Hurricane Ivan, 2004)…read more

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