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The deteriorating relationship of
Henry & Catherine of Aragon
A timeline…read more

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1524 1526
In 1525 Henry Fitzroy 1526-27 Henry had decided
on an annulment. It was
was made Duke of possible that Henrys
Richmond. Evidence of conscience had been
Henry promoting his 1526 Henry began to pricked by French enquiries
Henry stopped illegitimate son as his woo Anne Boleyn. as to the legitimacy of
Henrys daughter Mary.
sleeping with future heir. This Henry had no plans Henry was trying to arrange
Catherine. decision was made in for marriage at this Marys marriage to Francis I,
the wake of Charles Vs stage. but the French questioning
rejection of a proposed of Henrys marriage to
Catherine may well have
marriage to Henrys stated a train of thought in
daughter, Mary. Henrys own mind.…read more

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Easter Henry pressed Anne to be his mistress. Henry did not
want to marry Anne at this stage. He did seem happy to have
her as his acknowledged mistress.
May Secret proceedings started for the annulment. Catherine
was unaware.
Charles V sacked Rome. His troops went on the rampage in
Rome. The pope was taken prisoner, which severely limited his
ability to negotiate a settlement with Henry, because Charles
was Catherine's nephew.
June Henry told Catherine of his plans.
Henry & Anne agreed to be married after the annulment. These
moves show Henry did not see any problems with the
annulment arising.
September Henry applied to the Pope for a dispensation to
marry Anne
December Negotiations in Rome for the annulment.…read more

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September Anne was December Anne
sent to Hever castle. This returned to court. This is
was done to get her out of evidence of her influence
the way. over Henry.
October Cardinal
Campeggio arrived in
England. Campeggio was
appointed by the Pope to
act as judge (with Wolsey)
in the hearing of Henrys
case. He was originally a
popular choice with Henry
but this popularity was,
however, soon wane.…read more

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Proceedings for
hearing the case
for Henrys
started at
July A summer recess June Catherine
was called and the case made her single
recalled to Rome by the appearance before
Pope. It has to be the hearing. Her
remembered that at this
stage the Pope was
heartfelt plea for Henry
under the complete to remain loyal is clear
control of Charles V after evidence of her own
the latters victory at the commitment to the
battle of Landriano. marriage.…read more

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1529 ­ court
October Wolsey was accused of
Praemunire, forced to surrender the
Great seal and replaced as Lord
November The `Reformation
Chancellor by Thomas More. Praemunire
Parliament' was assembled.
is the offence of recognising or
responding to a foreign authority instead
of the Pope.…read more

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