The Design Argument

This includes everything YOU need to know about the DESIGN ARGUMENT!

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Danial Baloch
The Design Argument
Man made car...
This was designed by a car company...
And then made by the company!
If neither existed then the car wouldn't exist!!
The argument
Anything that has been designed needs a designer.
There is evidence that the natural things have been designed; e.g. the human eye is so complex to
have been made by accident.
Therefore it must have a designer!
The only person who is powerful and intelligent enough to do this is God...Therefore God must exist.
Problems with the argument
Design of the world is not perfect; e.g. volcanoes and diseases etc.
Some things aren't designed; they just happen i.e. volcanoes etc.
Science has since discovered other powerful theories such as evolution over millions of years which
are totally against the argument.
Therefore there is no designer/need for design in nature
Lead to belief in God?
Nature is so beautiful and complex to have happened by chance and so it couldn't have just evolved
and therefore must have been designed by God.
Doesn't lead to belief in God
There are too many problems with this argument. Although they don't disprove God's existence,
they challenge the question of his nature. There are many bad things and imperfections e.g.
volcanoes... so why would God have designed them?


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