The Darkness Out There

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He had grown; he had got older and larger.
The way his character throughout the story has grown. The way he's changed from the point of view of Sandra, from a boy to a man.
"She walked behind him..." A sense of safety, growing of friendship and trust.
"...through a world grown unreliable..." The story of misjudging characters.
" which flowers sparkle and birds sing..." showing and describing the beauty of the world.
"... but everything is not how it appears." However, within that beauty, bad thing, disturbing things, happen.
The boy's spoon clattered to the floor; he did not move. ­ A sense of shock and disbelief. Realisation of misjudging character.
"There weren't any flames; it was just stuck there in the ground, end up, with mess everywhere. Drop more milk dear, if you don't mind." ­
Witnessed the scene long enough to retell others what happened. Doesn't believe she did wrong.
Mrs Rutter appears to have a friendly attitude; "my dear, my duck" ­ Could appear to be over friendly.
Symbolism: the darkness and the light are
obviously symbolic about morality and about
how you lose your childhood innocence
by becoming awareness of this `darkness'. This
imagery is repeated heavily throughout.
Kerry's sense of dialogue changes.
"I'm not going near that old bitch again" ­ His anger towards the story he just heard.
Sense of comfort as he expresses his emotions to Sandra.
" you glimpsed darkness, an inescapable darkness. The darkness out there and it was part of you and you would never be without it,
The stories you're told stay in your mind, (Mrs Rutters story)
The `Darkness' could be Mrs Rutter as her actions were a sign of evil.
"You could get people all wrong" ­ The safe atmosphere when her stereotyped view of Kerry becomes clear that she has a friend, and that the
`sweet and innocent' woman was evil.

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We can compare Sandra's viewpoint with how people are presented through their dialogue
First impressions ­ Not everyone is as they appear. The sweet old lady turns out to be a cold blooded, vengeful woman, whereas Sandra's
first impression of Kerry is negative, but later see he's a strong character.
Youth and Age - You might think that the story suggests that young people are better than the old. This is a possible reading.…read more


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