The course of the First crusade

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The course of the First Crusade
Why did the People's crusade fail? What reception did the crusaders
Peter Hermit ­ not strong receive from Alexios when they
leader ­ lead 15 000 followers reached Constantinople?
Only 8 knights Alexios makes leading lords
No sense of direction ­ swear oath of loyalty to him
followed a goose They must also hand over any
Pogroms in Germany land they capture
Massacred Jews ­ riots Raymond of Toulouse initially
No organisation, no food refuses ­ has to/he wouldn't be
Killed 4000 people over a pair able to get across
of shoes ­ no one willing to Alexios leaves Takios in charge
help when crusaders capture Nicaea
Set off too early Becomes angry when he finds
Got tricked by the Muslims ­ out the crusaders captured
greedy, mostly died Dorylaeum and don't hand it
over to him. Becomes hostile!
How important was religious fervour How important was Leadership and
in the success of the First Crusade? tactics in the success of the First
"Stand fast together, trusting in Crusade?
Christ and the victory of the Close cooperation between
Holy Cross" was their motto Greeks and crusaders during
throughout the 1st
siege of Nicaea. Alliance really
particularly helped them hold helped the crusaders as extra
out for 6 hours before they won aid on their side. Better chance
a very long and tiresome battle of winning and taking city.
against Kerbogha Siege of Jerusalem: Godfrey of
The discovery of the Holy Bouillon succeeded in
lance by Peter Bartholomew dismantling siege tower under
raised morale at a crucial point. cover of darkness and
reassembling it at a less
welldefended section of the
city wall, enabling crusaders to
breach city's defences.
How important was Muslim disunity How important was Support from
in the success of the First Crusade? Byzantium in the success of the First
Ever since death of the prophet Crusade?
Muhammad, there was a split Least important limited amount
in the religion. The two groups, Tatikios, Byzantine
Sunni and Shia Muslims did government representative,
not trust each other. provided guides until Antioch.

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The course of the First Crusade
A power vacuum in Seljuk Sadly though, Tatikios
Turk dynasty:"year of deaths of withdrew February 1098, June
commanders and caliphs".…read more


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