The Course and Cost of the War - Stalin Russia

  • Blitzkrieg
  • Operation Typhoon
  • Operation Blue
  • Stalin to blame?

  • Counter Attack

  • Operation Uranus

  • Germany

  • Berlin

  • The Human Cost of War

  • Working Through the War

  • Women at War

  • Family at War

  • The Economic Cost of the War

  • Production and Consumption

  • Infrastructure

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Chapter 15 Notes ­ The course and cost of the war

Hitler had always intended to invade Russia.
By mid1941, the German army were well prepared for war with
In June, Hitler, convinced of this own strength, launched
Operation Barbaroaas.

Operation Typhoon:
In September 1941, operation Typhoon was…

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Operation Uranus:
The Soviet counteroffensive, Operation Uranus, was launched in
September 1942.
~The defence of Stalingrad alone cost 1.1 million Red Army lives
and 800,000 German troops were killed during the conflict.
By February 1943 two thirds of the Germanoccupied territory had
been recaptured.

By early January 1945, the…

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Woman made up the majority of the Russian workforce during the
Women were also frequently required to perform task that were
usually performed by machines or animals.

Family at War:
The war affected all groups within Russian society.
Young people between the ages of 14 and 17 were generally…


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