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The Conservative in the age of Disraeli ­ PM 1868, 1874-80.
Tories in early 1830's
Stood for order, tradition & hierarchy
Support for those who feared change to constitution
Supported by landed interest

1840's: The party had internal tension. The more progressive direction taken by the Liberal Tories had softened…

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Limitations: Act was carefully designed to minimise the situation of an enlarged electorate;

1. Number of voters in the counties increased by 45% compared to 135% in the boroughs ­ D was prepared to let the
radicals have their way in the boroughs, so long as he has his way…

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Improvements to Public Health & Living conditions Limitations of the Act
The Public Health Act 1875: This remained unchanged until 1929 so there were no
The compulsory duties of the local authorities had to ensure updated information of public health and hygiene.
that there was adequate sewage, drainage and water…

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for the conservative as an antidote to the Liberal Party's obsession with attacking national institutions like the church and the

Disraeli's Foreign Policy
D = flamboyant and relatively unprincipled political operator but his foreign policy = an enigma.
1852: `These wretched colonies will be independent in a few years…

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application of policy. The Russian declaration of war in 1877 sharpened the mind of the dissenters, and enabled Disraeli to
prosecute his policy with a renewed energy and the war helped him articulate its value.

1878 Treat of San Stefano ­ big Bulgaria was created giving Russia access to the…


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