The concept of the soul is incoherent


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Josh Bovill 12th October 2009
`The concept of the soul is incoherent'.
The concept of the soul is incoherent. The concept of the soul doesn't make sense. In this
essay I am going to discuss this statement and its validity, strengths and weaknesses.
Firstly a few descriptions of what the word `soul' means.
The soul the word `soul originates from the Greek word psyche. It is translated as `soul'
not `psyche' because in Ancient psyche means life or the principle that keeps a person alive.
Plato means more than this when he talks about the `soul'.
The soul the word `soul' is used to refer to the spiritual or nonphysical part of a human
being, or to the mind. The soul is often seen as the centre or core identify of a person.
The soul the principle of activity and life of the body. It also gives the body Form (structure
and shape). It is an inseparable unity with the body.
Now then, does the soul exist? Plato would argue the soul is immortal and that it exists
before incarnation in a body. Plato also argued that learning is a matter of remembering what
the soul has previously known in the world of Forms, this means it is a matter of recalling
knowledge of Forms that you have forgotten. He backs up his view by saying that the laws
of physics and mathematics are already true before we learn to understand them. This is
Plato's argument from knowledge.
The argument from opposites. Plato argued that the physical world consists of opposites,
such as big and small, light and dark, sleeping and walking. He suggested that the opposite
of living is death. For death to be a thing rather than a `nothing', the soul must exist so that
one can talk of living and death as opposites.


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