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Energy and Electricity
W Richards
The Weald School…read more

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Heat and Temperature
Heat is a type of energy that will flow from a warm area
to a colder one. For example...
This cup of coffee will ____ ____
because it is _____ ____ heat
energy into the surroundings.
This drink (taken out of the
fridge) will _____ ___ because it
is _____ ___ heat energy from
the surroundings.
Words ­ giving out, warm up,
taking in, cool down…read more

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Conduction is all about when heat is transferred through a
_________. The heat is passed on by ___________ in the
molecules. These vibrations get BIGGER when the solid has
more ENERGY (i.e. when it is being __________).
Heating a non-metal
Heating a metal
Metals are _______ conductors than non-metals. This is
because the heat is carried by free ________ that can
carry the energy around the metal and give it to other
electrons and ions.
Words ­ vibrations, electrons, solid, heated, better…read more

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Convection is all about when a gas or liquid
("fluid") moves and carries heat with it. When
the fluid is heated it ____________. This
means that it will become less __________
than the colder fluid around it. Because of
this the warmer fluid will try to "_______"
over the colder fluid, and this is why warm air
rises. This is called a convection
___________. This is how heat reaches us
from the ___________ in this room.
In CONDUCTION the heat was passed on
In CONVECTION the heat is passed on by
the FLUID expanding, rising and TAKING
THE HEAT with it
Words to use: expands, radiators, dense, heated, current, float…read more

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Some questions on convection...
1) Freezers in supermarkets are often left open to the
air. Explain why the food does not melt easily.
2) Explain why a hot air balloon rises in the air.
3) Explain why an ice cube floating at the top of a drink
will cool all of the drink.…read more

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An introduction...
I'm cool! I'm very hot!…read more

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