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The Commonwealth…read more

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How it all began
· The roots of the commonwealth lie in the 19th
century, with the dissolution of the British empire.
· The commonwealth as we know it began in 1947
with the independence of India and Pakistan.
· In1949 the word British was dropped from the
title and the requirement to have the british
monarch as the head of state was also removed.…read more

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It was declared at the same time that the British monarchy was to
be the head of the commonwealth
· India was welcomed as the first republican member of the
· As the commonwealth was committed to racial equality, it
became the association of choice for countries coming out of
· In 1965 the Commonwealth Secretariat was established in
London. This was to be the commonwealths own civil service,
headed by a commonwealth Secretary-General.
· In 1971 the leader adopted the Singapore Declaration of
Commonwealth principles.
· Also in that year they established the commonwealth fund for
technical cooperation among developing countries.…read more

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The commonwealth today
· Today the heads of countries of member states meet
regularly to discuss how best to cooperate with each
· These meetings take place every two years.
· The policies implemented at these meetings are
implemented through the commonwealth Secretariat
in London.
· One of the main rules is that countries have to be
· In 2009 the commonwealth celebrated its 60th
anniversary. It looks set to become increasingly
relevant in a world of international tension and
conflict.…read more


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