The collapse of Tsar feb 1917

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The collapse of Tsar feb 1917
Long-term weaknesses
Tsar listened to his wife too much
Didn't listen to his people/ grant them political freedom
Lacked strong gov
Constant disorganisation of the state
Food became scarce
Strikes for flour & sugar
Peasants sons rarely returned from the front
Russian army lost 2 ½ mil men- more than any other
Lower ranks were purposely led by generals
War dept weak in 1st aid
Lack of supplies
Loss of Traditional supporters
People of higher class started to declare that the Duma should make the Tsar abdicate
Strengths of revolutionary groups
Mensheviks gaining support as there were more problems & people knew that the M could
help deal with them & start a rev
Mistakes of Tsar
Didn't prepare for war ­ transport issues
Commander in chief= responsible for deaths
Didn't grant political freedom
Leaving wife & Rasputin in charge= irresponsible


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