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By Charlotte Cunningham | GCSE HISTORY

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Differences between Capitalism and
Capitalism Communism
Governments can be voted in There is only one government meaning there can
be no voting
Property is privately owned by people who Property is owned by the state, meaning
worked for the money to pay for it nobody owns anything, the government…

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This conference took place in November 1943
Tehran is a place in Iran
Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt met here
The conference took place to discuss
o military strategy during the second world war
o Post ­ war Europe
Stalin wanted the Allies in the alliance to open-up the second…

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This conference took place in February 1945
This conference took place in Yalta
Stalin was in a strong negotiation position as he was holding Hungary and Poland
Poland was a main debating point as Stalin wanted to keep Poland as they had often
attacked the USSR
Stalin wanted


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Stalin promised to enter war with Japan


By Charlotte Cunningham | GCSE HISTORY

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The victorious countries met once more in July 1945
Germany was defeated however the USA and Britain were still at war with Japan
America was in control of the conference because they had the atom bomb which they had
already dropped on Japan in August 1945
Japan surrendered when the…

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Words to Telegrams
The long telegram in 1946

The long telegram was about the USSR to America, it was received by Truman from the US
ambassador of Moscow which described a threat to destroy capitalism and said there will be no
peace. It also said Stalin was building up his…

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16 countries accepted the aid including Britain and France

What happened to Germany?
After the second world war Russia and America couldn't decided what to do with Germany
There was 4 things that could decide on
o Should a reunited Germany be part of the Soviet Sphere of influence or…

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In Response to the Berlin Blockaid

Stalin looked like the good one in this, as he acted peacefully in response to the situation
Everyone found out about the USSR and America's distrust
The Cold War became Earnest
East Germanys began to try to escape from the USSR's Zone
Stalin ended…

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The Warsaw Pact
This was set up in 1955
The pact was set up to draw Eastern European countries closer together including Romania
An armed force was set up
There was a Political committee set up to co-ordinate the foreign policy of members
There was an increasing influence of the…


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