The Cognitive Interview

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Includes AO1 (descriptive) and AO2 (evaluative) points. Also has supporting research.

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The Cognitive Interview
An interview technique developed by Fisher and Geiselman in 1992 to increase the accuracy
of EWT. There are 4 main components.
1 and 2 are based on the concept that the closer the recreated situation to the actual incident,
the more information will be recalled.
3 and 4 are based on the idea that information can be retrieved through a number of different
ways into a person's brain and varying these can help the participant recall more.
Research into the effectiveness of the cognitive interview

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Evaluating the cognitive interview
Difficult to evaluate because there are many different forms
Thames Valley Police do not use the "reinstate context" component.
Other police forces use only the "reinstate context" and "report everything
(Kebbell and Wagstaff 1996)
Takes too much time, especially for minor crimes
Detectives only receive 4 hr training which did not produce significantly different
results to standard techniques (Mernon et al.…read more


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