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The Coastal Zone
Swash- The forward movement of a wave up a beach.
Backwash- The backward movement of a wave down a beach when the wave has broken.
Erosion- Breaking down and transportation of rocks.
Weathering- The breaking down of rocks.
Deposition- Dropping the sediment moved through transporation.
Wave- cute…

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The fetch, the strength of the wind and the wave shape all affect the strength of the wave.

Processes of Erosion
Hydraulic Action ­ Water is forced into cracks in rock under pressure, this breaks up the rock.

Abrasion ­ Sand, pebbles and large stones scrape against the rock, wearing…

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Spits and Bars

Spit at Dawlish Warren from river Exe and spit at spurn point from river Hember.

Spit- A finger of new land made of sand or shingle, jutting out into the sea from the coast.

Bar- A spit that has grown across the bay.

Hook- Area of land…

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Coastal management strategies

Hard engineering is not sustainable.
Hard engineering Defence: Advantages Disadvantages

Sea wall ­ a wall which Prevents erosion. Very expensive to build and
absorbs wave energy and Also prevents flooding maintain.
stops damage. Causes visual pollution.

Groynes ­ fences which Bigger beaches = more tourism. Deprives beaches…

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Set backs- Not building too No need for protection Bad for tourism- want to
be near beach.

Close to the coast

Shoreline vegetation- Slows down erosion People walking on it will
kill it. Takes a

Planting marsh beds (binds long time to settle.

Beach together).

Holderness Coast

On the East…

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Spit of sand and shingle which has been deposited there.

Causes of rising sea level
Melting of the ice caps, as the world is getting hotter. More volume of water is added to the sea, therefore
the sea level rises.
Heating of oceans ­ if they are hotter, the particles…

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